About Us

2011 is our first year of festival fun, previously when I have been to other festival, I thought it would be great to have a mobile beauty place.... so hear we are!!!!

If you didn't have time to get all your bits done before the festival... Then we will do them for you... Waxing, threading, Nails, Feet.

We love face painting, sticking eyelashes, feathers, glitter and getting you all ready to look amazing and get ready to party!!!!!  Henna tattoos + more...

And towards the end of the festival when you're starting to feel a little grubby.... We will give you mini facials, body scrubs and wash you hair... So you may even leave the festival cleaner than when you got there!!!

Get your glitter-lipstick here too... Come and hang out in our Hareem garden too!!! x x x

And we take cards too!!!

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